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Who We Are

Code Everyday is an online platform with a purpose to provide developers with access to learning resources, mentorship opportunities and job opportunities. CodeEveryday was founded by Tae'lur Alexis, a Front End Engineer who is passionate about sharing knowledge in the online community and making software development accessible for everyone.

Her goal is to provide the all-in-one resource that she wish she had when she embarked on the journey of learning how to code and breaking into one of the challenging yet rewarding industries in the world.

CodeEveryday's 2020 Vision is based on the statistic that there will be 1.4 million computer-science related jobs available with only 400,000 computer science graduates to fill those roles. With the rise of online learning platforms and coding bootcamps to help individuals find alternative ways to learn how to code, CodeEveryday is the best asset to help you establish your career.

What We Offer

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Learn on the Go

We'll communicate with you and curate a study plan complete with resources and regular support based on your specific needs, scheduling commitment and learning goals. Busy entrepreneur who wants to learn how to build mobile apps 4 hours a week? We'll tailor a study guide that'll suit your needs.

Find mentors and study partners

Accountability partners can be the single most important resource to have to keep you on track, so we'll pair you with top-notch mentors in the field that you're excited to get into to help you with career advice, networking tips and motivation.

Prepare for the Workforce

We'll provide online workshops exclusive to members where you'll learn how to build impressive portfolios, tailor your resume to be attractive to potential employers and prepare for interviews! No Coder left Behind!

Find Job Opportunities

We'll keep up-to-date job postings that are suited to your level of experience and skills!

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